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Sidi Dr. Eng. Sidi HAMADY
Associate Professor
Université de Lorraine, CentraleSupélec, LMOPS
E-mail: sidi »at« hamady.org
Website: http://www.hamady.org
Université de Lorraine CentraleSupélec LMOPS

Sidi HAMADY (a.k.a. Sidi OULD SAAD HAMADY) received his Engineering diploma degree from SUPELEC (France) in 1998 and his PhD from Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI (France) in 2001. After his postdoctoral training in Paris and Strasbourg, he joined in 2005 the University of Lorraine (formerly University Paul Verlaine of Metz) (France). He is teaching mainly physics of semiconductor devices, electronics, instrumentation and programming, and his main research interests are in the fields of characterization and simulation of semiconductor materials and devices.


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